First listen to the bands of Roskilde 2013

Ah! As the winter has Denmark in a tight grip and the temperature dives below minus 10 degrees celcious, I am beginning to long for summer and blue nights and festivals! So I have spent the afternoon looking at the first few names announced for this year’s Roskilde festival.

There’s hip hop (not really my genre), elektronica and punk, and a bit of the more alternative stuff. The large names so far are Sigur Ros, Animal Collective and Rhianna. The last one was quite a surprise for a lot of the regulars t the festival, since it is traditionally considered a rock festival. Well… it hasn’t actually been a rock festival for more than a decade, since it has had lots of elektronic bands, hip hop acts and pop music playing there in that period.

What really have changed the face of the festival are the hipsters. They are also indirectly the reason why the festival now for the first time that I can remember hosts a main stream pop artist as one of its top names. I guess a statement like that would need an explanation, since a lot of hipsters might tend to dissagree with my analysis. Hipstery is the main fashion trend of today, it is what most people tends to follow, which is why there are so many fine little shops and bars that are opening up in the run-down parts of big cities all over the world, it is why the left wing has gained some more support than it has seen the past decade and it is why people are now dressing themselves presisely as they please… it is fashion to be unique and to be politically correct… it has become pop culture to be alternative. This is all very confusing for most people. People like myself who has always considered ourselves alternative are now only mildly updated on where to go and what to listen to. And people who are now alternative used to dress in the ways dictated by the mainstream trends and listen to pop music, unless off course if they were too young to follow trends themselves before the hipster revolution a few years back… then they truly are matured into alternativity from the innocemce of childhood.

Anyways, to get back to the point! My point with all this is that since hipsters are the pop people of today, and since hipsterfication dictates that festivals are alternative and therefore should be attended en masse at all cost, the rock, folk and alternative festivals of the world are now swarming with pop people. These pop people want to listen to the alternative music, since that’s what pop is about at the moment, but the big festivals need to cater for nostalgia as well… and what could be more nostalgic to a hipster than a bit of r’n’b from back when they were followers of that pop trend? Hence Roskilde festival has procured Rhianna to play this year.

I feel like I should finish this post by saying that I’m not in any way against the hipsterfication, sure some of us lost a bit of our exterior identity, but we gained so much more! I love how the city has blossomed over the past five years and I love how much good new music we get today, and how many cool shops and how much art we get to see opposed to just a decade ago. And I love how the left is gaining strength and all the thoughts and ideas that folow from that (although Danish politics can be a bit bleak in that asspect). And Roskilde festival… it’s a blast! There’s more partying and more good dance-able music than ever before, I love it, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be amongst the audience when Rhianna goes on stage in July, and I’m not even a fan!

PS. This is my favorite from this years program so far:

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