The chrysalis is breached

Today I wrote my first poem in years. These past few years (or maybe it isn’t really few years, maybe it’s more like six or seven years) I have been incapable of writing creatively. I have been incapacitated by love, studies and stress and maybe… just maybe… from having moved to the city. I’m not sure about that last statement, but I think moving away from nature and into a hive of thousands of people has done something to my brain. It seems constantly overloaded with impressions and people, and I have been incapable of filtering the unimportant ones out. An example could be how I look at every person I meet, when I walk down the main pedestrian street in Copenhagen, I always look at people’s faces and eyes, and I give each and every one a thought on the way. It’s a remnant of my past OCD where I collected everything; I could barely walk by a leaf or a stone without picking it up and bringing it home. Now I can do that, but I collect faces I guess. I’m trying to stop. I guess it could all be seen as part of my process of regaining my original personality, of getting back to who I would be without the depression and all its side effects.

Now, as I’m getting closer and closer to my core I am getting closer and closer to normal rationality and a normal emotional life, and I guess this leaves me more energy and cognitive space for being creative again, as I think creativity thrives best in a mind that’s not beset with troubles and leaden down by the toil of OCD (I know that many brilliant minds share their homes with OCD and compulsive behavior, I just don’t think mine works very well while sharing its space with such house mates). Therefore I was quick to say yes to a friends’ proposal that we should meet on a semi-weekly basis to do creative writing together. Well, maybe not together (maybe in time who knows), but in the same physical space, so that we can have ‘an excuse’ to get started again and so that we can get feedback on what we write (she’ll read this in a few minutes).

The poem was in Danish and I don’t think it’ll be shared here yet, maybe later, when it’s been revised a bit. I will hopefully write more soon, and hopefully some of them will be fit for public disclosure (and maybe some will even be in English).

About thevanddyr

A guy just trying to figure life out. I will write something inspired here before long :-)
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