The fire inside all of us

I live in the city. I move amongst the masses. I sit in front of a computer. I am always doing something, but often that something is sitting still applying my brains on various tasks. I don’t see nature much these days…

Today I am in the countryside visiting my mom. She lives alone after my dad passed away last year and I try to visit as often as possible, so that she doesn’t have to do all the hard work of housekeeping and tending to the garden on her own. She’s getting older and is retired now, have been for a few years now. She used to be a nurse and she used to be able to take care of house and garden and kids and husband and work all at once. Now she appreciates the help and the company I supply and I appreciates the slower pace and the cleaner air of Home. And also I get a chance to contemplate the loss of my dad a bit more than in the city, it’s good and important to deal with it, and this way I can take it in smaller bites.

I also go to the countryside to be close to nature, albeit nature in Denmark means neatly kept plantations and square fields, flat grassy lands and only the occational knobby hill. It’s a cultural landscape, not wild nature as in the rest of Scandinavia, but it is the nature I grew up with, such as it is, and it makes me calm to be sorrounded by it. I need to see the dark night skies and the thousands of stars it offers and I need to rest my eyes on the occational Horizon, that I so greatly miss in the city.

Yesterday I burned. I burned all the dead and withered weeds and flowers from my moms garden, I had a bondfire that I fed all day. I love bondfires! All the members of my family have always loved bondfires… I think all Danes love them. We even have a national day for burning huge bondfires, it’s on midsummers eve in celebration of the light. I think bondfires and nature remind us of the important things i life. I think they remind us of Life itself. These days with all their time consuming digital gadgets and all the demands of social media seem to steal the time we would normally have spent on being in some kind of contact with nature, and we feel it! More and more often I hear of people living in the city who dreams of a simpler life away from the digital World, in touch with nature. I believe this is a growing tendency, I believe that humankind at least in the Western World is on the werge of parting roads: some are descending ever deeper into the digital world and embrasing every new gadget with curiousity and creativity and others try to minimize their use of it and get back in touch with nature at some level or another.

I thought of this yesterday as I burned the garden, smiling, enjoying myself. I thought of what it is that calls me and so many others back to nature. Now this is something I often think of, you might even say that this is central for many of my main interests: digital technology, communication, religion, biology and art. I will not go too deeply into these subjects here, since they deserve a post of their own in time. I will only say that I believe that there is a very clear line going from how we belong in nature to what most religions call God, and the things we encounter along this line are central for the future of humankind. I’m thinking of creativity, lust for life and eachother, compassion for living things, the potential of the unused parts of our brains and the light of our spiritual world. I am not a very religious guy, but I have a great and unwavering faith in humankind and of the compassion we possess, and I believe that compassion to be the fire by which God is fuelled, nomatter what religion you believe in.

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A guy just trying to figure life out. I will write something inspired here before long :-)
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